Whoopi Goldberg Finally Admits Bill Cosby MIGHT be Guilty

  Whoopi Goldberg wisely took to ‘The View’ panel for a thorough rundown on all things Bill Cosby, after her defenses didn’t sit right with a worldwide audience. It’s long been suspected that Cosby and Goldberg are friends, and the EGOT-winning star has taken his side for loyalty’s sake, effectively dismissing the 40 women that have claimed rape.
Explaining that the only remedy is the “court of public opinion,” ABC’s Dan Abrams encouraged folks to push lawmakers to set aside the statue of limitations on rape cases. While I’m happy to see their conversation, Abrams neglected to point out why the statute of limitations exists. Its purpose is for protection, given that memories fade and evidence wanes over time, and it becomes more difficult for both the defense and prosecution to engage in a case with stale details decades later. That being said, I’m happy to see Goldberg finally admit that the evidence points toward guilt.

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