Heather McDonald Apologizes: Asks Chelsea Handler For Forgiveness

You have to hand it to Heather McDonald. She’s not a star that belongs in front of the camera, and because she won’t accept it, she’s clawed her way to the comfortable F-list, and she’s extending it far beyond her fifteen minutes by biting off her former boss’s fame. Given the success of Chelsea Handler’s show, I’m guessing McDonald is a talented comedy writer, but that doesn’t mean she’s deserving of the same stardom as others.

For those that have not followed the story, McDonald bad-mouthed Handler on a podcast and indicated that she was afraid of her former boss who she claimed easily dropped her friends and mistreated her staff. Handler fought back and accused McDonald of selling stories about Handler’s personal life to the tabloids.

In a she said/she said war of the words, I’m siding with Handler for a variety of reasons. First, the kind of woman who would sell tabloid stories is the same kind of woman that would publicly bad-mouth the woman who cut her paycheck. Second, if Handler lied, that’s clear cut defamation, and she’s too smart for that. And third, Us Weekly gave McDonald curious coverage that I questioned at the time, and if McDonald did exchange stories for an exclusive feature in the rag mag, then it’s explained. Watch her back peddle to Ross Matthews in the video below.

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