KUTK Premiere: Caitlyn Jenner v. Khloe Kardashian



You’d think that if your entire fortune was based on the Kardashian empire, you’d be a little more grateful for the family that made you famous. But Caitlyn Jenner missed the memo. When the transgender LGBT advocate caught wind of Khloe Kardashian’s Howard Stern interview, she erupted and insisted that her ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s’ step-daughter should simply smile and say only kind things. You can imagine Khloe’s reaction, given Caitlyn’s extremely honest Vanity Fair interview, which involved a very negative account of Kris Jenner’s actions toward not only her transition, but Caitlyn’s children from previous marriageS. And though I have zero issues with honestly and bemoan biting one’s tongue, I do have an issue with hypocrisy, and Caitlyn takes the cake. She’s so concerned with creating a positive image post-transition that she’s forgotten that what the public truly craves is authenticity. In fact, I’d advise Caitlyn to appear on Howard Stern and tell her own story. And yes, I am aware Bruce Jenner is a gold medalist. But both Bruce and Caitlyn have done absolutely nothing since that win, and without the Kardashians, no one would care at all anymore.

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