‘I Am Cait’ Gets The Axe 

‘I Am Cait’ was cancelled, and after watching two episodes of the show, it’s certainly no surprise. First, none of the Kardashians/Jenners are stronger than the sum of their parts, and second, Caitlyn Jenner is far from compelling. Bruce spent most of his life in the Kardashian closet (literally) as a recluse and rarely embraced the cameras. One could argue he was irritable because of his gender issues, but after watching ‘I Am Cait,’ it’s clear that is not the case. Lastly, the show had to basically buy her friends, because just about everyone who appeared was a “new” connection. And since her family refused to guest, there was no one left to insert any compelling content. Some people just aren’t meant for their own show, and I don’t think Bunim/Murray was at all equipped for what should have been a docu-series about each surgery and stage of her transition. I’m guessing Cait didn’t want to go that route, but that’s the interesting part. Without it, it’s just a show about someone’s not-at-all-interesting daily life. 

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