LeAnn Rimes Debuts “The Story” — WATCH NOW

Despite the fact that she blocked me on twitter, I am in fact a fan of LeAnn Rimes, if only for the voice alone. The direction of her current career faces challenges, especially after the fallout of her affair with now-husband Eddie Cibrian, and some less than stellar social media behavior. But a good voice rises to the top, and she certainly has one. In her new video for “The Story” Rimes emotionally covers the Brandi Carlile tune while rolling around in a mirror maze. And while it proves she’s got singing chops, it would be nice if the video was a tad more creative. It’s as if LeAnn finally discovered she’s hot and wants to remind everyone else about it . . . constantly. We get it. You’re hot, you have a killer body now, and you can certainly out-sing the best of them. Now push outside the close-ups and emotional face shots. I didn’t like it on Gwen Stefani’s “Used To Love You,” and I certainly don’t like it here.

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