RHONY Finale — Luann Confronts Tom Over Cheating

Aside from the actual betrayal, one of the worst part of infidelity is the embarrassment. If your partner’s betrayal is public and you choose to forgive their indiscretion, then you’re double plagued — because your friends are aware of it. And for Luann de Lesseps of The Real Housewives of New York City, now her entire fan base knows about it. Her fiance was caught on camera kissing another woman, and Bethenny Frankel broke the news with a series of flip-o-gram photos. Apparently, his kiss-capade went on for over an hour, and he “doesn’t remember” any of it. Watch the clip below, and take a moment to ask yourself if what on earth would motivate anyone to put themselves in the boxing ring for this public torture. Oh right . . . money.

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