Meryl Streep Sounds off on Trump: Inappropriate Forum?

If you’ve ever been to a Hollywood party, you’d know that nearly everyone in this business believes their own hype, and to quote Jon Stewart, “Hollywood and DC are the same, but in Hollywood they think they have power . . . and they don’t.” Though I love Meryl Streep, her speech at The Golden Globes reeked of the elitism I loathe. Personal opinions have their place, and this wasn’t it. First, it won’t move the needle. She said absolutely nothing of substantive value, and though it’s pretty to profess a more inclusive culture, it’s an unnecessary soundbite in the wrong forum. When it’s time to pass a law, then you can campaign. Other than that, you’re dulling the glitter I want to see at the Globes.Second, I don’t know the point of mentioning Mixed Martial Arts, and as a writer, I can only assume it was penned by someone else, who felt the word “art” would fit easily within that sentence. I need not suggest it was a bad move, because twitter has already pounced. Lastly, to quote my friend that might not want to be named, “Every time a liberal utters a snobbism, another creationist joins a state legislature.”

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