Rob Lowe Addresses The Assistant Issue on Jimmy Kimmel

Rob Lowe landed in some hilarious hot water when his personal ad for an assistant became public, but upon further review, perhaps it’s not quite as bad as we originally thought. Dinner plans, Jacuzzi, lifting 20 pounds, no unfair assumptions, etc. What more could someone want. In fact, below would be my own list if searching for an assistant.
1. Buy me tampons when I run out at the most inconvenient time ever.
2. Go to a specific gas station that exclusively carries my favorite brand of sunflower seeds.
3. Sign for those annoying packages that require someone’s presence.
4. Call the cable company to yell at them for my internet NEVER working.
5. Return all my ridiculous amazon purchases made during a night of insomnia.
6. Entertain all of my irrational fears by saying things like, “Good point” ad nauseam.

Watch Lowe’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel below, and feel free to chime in with ideas for your own imaginary assistant.

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