Miley Cyrus Takes a New Direction With “Malibu” –

It’s no secret that Miley Cyrus’ career has long-suffered from an identity crisis. Her barely-there ensemble beside Robin Thicke gained attention (for all the wrong reasons), and her subsequent antics, poor clothing choices, and attention-grabbing interviews felt more like an inauthentic cry for attention than an artist in their truest form. I have zero issues with women using their sexuality to sell records, and I also have zero issues with artistic statements that turn heads. But Miley Cyrus felt inauthentic, and her descent began with her breakup from Liam Hemsworth. It’s as if she felt boxed in, and in an effort to prove her individuality, what followed was train wreck rebellion. Now, she’s back with Liam, and judging from her beautiful recent release of “Malibu,” it’s become clear that Liam has brought her the kind of happiness that produces good music. I hate to suggest that a man is propelling her talent, so lets just say she seems to be in a better place. Also, the song is very clearly about the love they share.

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