Artist Spotlight: Oriel Poole

My hunt for new artists has brought me Oriel Poole, an electro-soul singer/songwriter whose debut EP, Sunday, is produced by Max Savage and represents quite the risk, given that Poole put aside her successful career as a production designer to pursue music. Of her decision to follow a new path, Poole said, “It’s crazy, but I feel like the economic climate back in 2008 gave rise to the art form I felt most deeply connected to. If it wasn’t for a challenging couple of years post college, I would have never given music a realistic consideration, but I am so grateful I did.” Poole is UK born and self taught, and her retro-synth vibe sets her apart. She’s the girl you play in the background at your cool house party where your guest stops you, mid-conversation to say, “Who is this artist?”

Download or Stream the EP from your favorite digital source now and keep up with Oriel by visiting

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