Artist Spotlight: Oriel Poole

My hunt for new artists has brought me Oriel Poole, an electro-soul singer/songwriter whose debut EP, Sunday, is produced by Max Savage and represents quite the risk, given that Poole put aside her successful career as a production designer to pursue music. Of her decision to follow a new path, Poole said, “It’s crazy, but I feel like the economic climate back in 2008 gave rise to the art form I felt most deeply connected to. If it wasn’t for a challenging couple of years post college, I would have never given music a realistic consideration, but I am so grateful I did.” Poole is UK born and self taught, and her retro-synth vibe sets her apart. She’s the girl you play in the background at your cool house party where your guest stops you, mid-conversation to say, “Who is this artist?”

Download or Stream the EP from your favorite digital source now and keep up with Oriel by visiting

Emily Keener to Play Hotel Cafe

Just who is Emily Keener, and why is she worth seeing live at Hotel Cafe, a staple for music lovers in Los Angeles and the home of today’s talented up-and-comers? The seventeen year old singer/songwriter from Ohio gained fame as a top 12 contestant on ‘The Voice,’ and her avid passion for music has produced nearly 100 original songs, three EPs and two LPs. Her new album, “Breakfast,” is a breath of fresh air at the end of a long day (I would know, since I played it at the end of my long day), and it’s worth a listen. According to Keener, “This record is the result of the most intense and transformative year of [her] life,” and though she had some stunning performances on ‘The Voice’ covering classics (i.e. Paul Simon’s “Still Crazy After All These Years“), she’s at heart a songwriter, and she’s ready to spread her wings with original tunes. And now’s your chance to see her live. Head to Hotel Cafe on Wednesday, December 7, at 7:00 pm (doors open at 6:30).