Lena Dunham on WWHL – Good ‘Girls’ Gossip + Calvin Harris Call out

Lena Dunham on Watch What Happens Live
Photo by Charles Sykes/Bravo

As someone fascinated by the early exit of actors from successful series, I’ve long been curious about Christopher Abbott’s abrupt departure from HBO’s Girls in season 3. Though he returned for a cameo in the final season, the speculation has always pointed to a stark creative difference with Lena Dunham. On ‘Watch What Happens Live,’ Andy Cohen got to the bottom of it, and Dunham confirmed their cantankerous relationship, saying Abbott once said he felt “stuck on a sitcom.”

In the video below, you might notice that the press is far more interested in Dunham calling Calvin Harris her “least favorite” boyfriend of Taylor Swift, but I was more entertained by her use of air quotes while saying his name, given that Harris’ real name is Adam Wiles. It’s incredible how a fleeting moment of air quotes can display Harris’ douchiness far more than what she actually said out loud. Watch below.

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