Does Lauren Conrad Have a Ghost Writer?

Lauren Conrad’s new book, Sweet Little Lies, is a best-seller and something seems fishy. Perhaps I am wrong and Lauren Conrad is secretly a talented writer fully capable of churning out best-sellers. I doubt it. Hollywood ghost writers have long been a source of debate, and it certainly bothers me. If you didn’t write it, then don’t put your name on it. Simple enough?

Betty White is a National Hero

Just when you thought Betty White could not get any more popular, the Super Bowl happened. Since her much liked commercial, the blogosphere has erupted with requests to make her the next host of SNL. Saturday Night Live responded to the requests by saying that they “never comment on this sort of thing.” Something tells me we will see her on Saturday Night Live very soon. Watch the Super Bowl commercial below.

Roman Polanski’s New Film Premieres Today

Roman Polanski’s new film, The Ghost Writer, is set for release today at the Berlin Film Festival. The film stars Pierce Brosnan and Ewen McGregor. Brosnan plays the British Prime Minister who is trapped in the U.S. to avoid arrest in another country. Sound familiar? Polanski had to finish the film while on house arrest in Switzerland. Wow, he is certainly dedicated.

Howard Stern v. Ellen Degeneres

Howard Stern is one angry guy lately and you know what that means? Great radio! Stern spent a good chunk of his show yesterday bashing Ellen. Though Stern has yet to confirm whether American Idol is courting him, he wasn’t too pleased to read that Degeneres is against the idea. Stern claimed that no matter how much he hates someone, he would never try to prevent them from getting a job. Stern sounds a bit hypocritical here. After all, when you spend a large part of your show discussing all the ways you hate Ellen, you can’t really expect her to bite her tongue when asked about you. Did I mention that this makes great radio?

Jeffrey Katzenberg is Pissed: Battle of the 3D films

Jeffrey Katzenberg, the Dreamworks genius behind Shrek, is pissed at Warner Bros. for releasing Clash of the Titans one weak after Dreamworks releases How to Train Your Dragon. Here’s the problem – because both films are in 3D, there are only so many theaters that can display the films. That means Katzenberg is out a lot of dough when the theaters make way for Clash of the Titans. To make matters worse, Clash of the Titans was converted to 3D after the film was already shot, which has angered fans. So why convert a film to 3D at the last minute? Because Avatar is making everyone see green, and 3D means more money per ticket.

David Letterman Hires First Female Writer

First Hollywood is ageist and then it’s sexist? This country club gets harder to join by the minute! Letterman recently hired his first female writer. Prior to the hire, both Letterman and Conan O’Brien had a total of ZERO female writers combined. Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Kimmel lead the pack with one female writer each. Here is the catch though – Ferguson’s female writer is his sister and Kimmel’s is his girlfriend. To be fair, Kimmel started dating Molly McNearney long after she joined his writing staff.

Remember Yasmine Bleeth? She’s Still Got It

I don’t know about you, but I loved Baywatch! At the time that I started watching it, I really did think the show’s success was based on the dramatic story-lines, and not the slow motion running. Now, with age and oodles of wisdom, I finally get it. Here is a picture of the beautiful Yasmine Bleeth. She has officially won the blondes v. brunettes argument. For some Baywatch nostalgia, watch the clip below.

[Image via celebdirtylaundry]