Entertainment Weekly Needs to Back-off of Barbara Walters

Mr. Ken Tucker, of Entertainment Weekly, wrote a piece about how he did not enjoy Barbara Walters Oscar special.  Not only did he not enjoy this one, he seems to have not enjoyed any of them.  I am sure you can predict where I am going with this one.  I am a die hard Babs fan, and how dare he insult the Queen!  Lay off Mr. Tucker.  See a pic of Walters holding her Lifetime Achievement Award below.

George Clooney Might be the Nicest Guy in Hollywood

George Clooney arrived at the Oscars, and he stayed outside for quite some time to greet the fans before walking the red carpet.  I love him.  Clooney’s reputation as a Hollywood nice guy began on ER when he hit it big as a movie star before his contract was up.  Instead of kicking and screaming to get out of his contract like everyone other actor in that position would have, he sat pretty and finished his contract.  To top it off, he returned to ER for the final episode.  Did I mention that I love him?

Impending Doom: Millions of People May not be able to Watch the Oscars

As many have heard, Cablevision and ABC are in the midst of a contract dispute just in time for the Oscars.  Here’s the issue: Cablevision is a cable television company with over 3 million subscribers in New York.  It is the fifth largest cable television company in the United States.  WABC-TV (a station owned by ABC), has pulled its programming from Cablevision, unless a  new payment structure is agreed on.  ABC is blaming Cablevision, and Cablevision is blaming ABC.  ABC has just put a new proposal on the bargaining table, in hopes that an agreement can be reached in time for the Oscars.  We’ll see what happens.  The clock is ticking . . .  

Alice In Wonderland Comes in #1 at the Box Office

‘Alice’ came in #1 this weekend with over 116 million dollars.  That sure is a lot of money.  The IMAX ticket prices greatly helped the film, and potentially solidified my worst fear: 3-D isn’t going anywhere for a very long time.  In fact, 65% of this weekend’s gross is attributed to 3-D sales.  Am I the only person that got a throbbing headache from Avatar?

James Cameron Still Supports ‘Hurt Locker’ Despite Controversy

Why can’t all divorced couples keep this healthy a relationship? After the ‘Hurt Locker’ producer was banned from the Oscars for campaigning for votes, James Cameron defended Kathryn Bigelow (the director of ‘Hurt Locker’), stating that the producer’s actions don’t reflect at all on Kathryn Bigelow’s integrity.  Here’s my question: when Cameron says over and over again on the talk show circuit that he wants the Best Picture Oscar for Avatar, isn’t that “campaigning?”  Don’t all these guys do this?  Where’s the line?  I guess you just can’t email Academy members directly and ask for votes.  You have to be much sneakier about it. 

‘California Dreams’ Reunion on Jimmy Fallon

Not sure if anyone remembers this show, but I absolutely loved it!  It came on after ‘Saved by the Bell.’  Jimmy Fallon got the cast to reunite and update on their current lives.  They also sang the great theme song from the show!  It does sort of depress me that though that this show was the high point of their careers in the industry.  I really did think they would all be huge stars one day.  Sigh…the delusions of youth.

Johnny Depp Will Star in a Movie Alongside his Wife, Vanessa Paradis

According to Johnny, Vanessa will play french feminist Simone de Beauvoir and he will play her lover Nelson Algren.  Paradis has been scratching at the Hollywood bubble for some time now.  She began her career in France as a singer, actress, and model, but she has never really had success crossing over into the U.S.  Perhaps this film is the vehicle she needs.  Listen to one of her songs below. 

Say Goodbye to Jack Bauer: ’24’ May be Over

This season may be the last for ’24.’  Fox has yet to renew the series, and Kiefer Sutherland’s contract is up at the end of season 8.  Renegotiating Sutherland’s contract could be pricey, and Fox may not want to front the bill.  Sutherland claims that his decision to remain with the series has nothing to do with his contract, and everything to do with whether the show will maintain its artistic integrity moving forward.  My guess?  It’s a little of both.  Rumors are swirling that if Fox does not renew the show, it could move to NBC.  We will find out soon enough.  ’24’ fans are used to biting their nails in anticipation anyways.