Toy Story 3 Coming Soon

Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, and John Ratzenberger, are all returning for Toy Story 3.  Whoopi Goldberg will also join the cast as the purple octopus.  The movie will come out June 18th, and it follows the toys after they are dropped off at a day care center when their owner, Andy, goes to college.  Click on the links to see the trailer and the new poster, which features every character. 

Toy Story 3 Poster


Hollywood Biopic Alert: Robert De Niro to Play Vince Lombardi

Robert De Niro will play Vince Lombardi for ESPN films.  The movie will hit theaters sometime around the Super Bowl 2012.  The story will follow Lombardi, as he turned the Green Bay Packers into five time champions in just nine years.   Since Lombardi’s death in 1971, the trophy awarded to the Super Bowl winner has been named the Vince Lombardi trophy.  The film will be written by Eric Roth, the writer for ‘Forrest Gump.’

[Image via Petr Novák, Wikipedia]

Variety Lays Off Their Lead Film and Theatre Critics

For most of my life I dreamed of being a film critic.  My father told me if I wanted this that badly, I should begin writing with a local ‘rag’ and work my way up the ladder.  I thought, “what a great idea,” and I immediately started pounding the pavement.  My efforts were fruitless.  Everyone on the planet wanted to be a film critic, and there just wasn’t room for me.  Well, apparently there isn’t room for anyone anymore.  ‘Variety,’ one of the leading entertainment trade publications, has laid off its chief film critic, Todd McCarthy, and its chief theater critic, David Rooney.  Why?  To shape the future of ‘Variety’ of course.  Todd McCarthy had been there for 31 years.  ‘Variety’ is now hiring freelance writers to do the reviewing, and they reportedly offered McCarthy and Rooney the opportunity to convert their full time jobs into freelance writing positions.  Translation?  Use their expertise but pay them less.  I fear that I cannot adequately express in words why this is so disappointing, so I therefore direct you to my personal hero’s account of the events – Roger Ebert.  Read his take on it and decide for yourself.

Lindsey Lohan Sues Over E-Trade Commercial

Lindsey Lohan is suing over the commercial below.  Her lawyer is arguing that Lohan is known by one name only, and the mention of “Lindsey” points to Lindsey Lohan.  I’m sure the suffix “holic” does not help matters much either.  So did E-Trade have Lohan in mind when they made this?  I would say yes, though I don’t think she’ll win.  E-Trade will probably throw some money at her and settle this.  As a side-note, this commercial is very funny.

The Academy Explains Why Farrah Fawcett Wasn’t Featured in the ‘In Memoriam’ Montage

Bruce Davis, the Executive Director of the Academy, has explained that he chose to leave Fawcett out of the “In Memoriam” montage at the Academy Awards because she is best known for her television work, and she should therefore be honored at the Emmys instead.  Keep in mind that Davis has a very difficult job.  Each year, the Academy is notified of members that have passed.  Davis has the heartbreaking task of sifting through the list to determine who should be featured in the montage.  Due to time constraints, it is simply impossible to feature everyone.   Davis has described the process as “agonizing.”  My good friend’s uncle, Howard Zieff, the director of ‘My Girl’ and ‘Private Benjamin,’ was featured in this year’s montage.  I asked her how her family was notified.  She explained that you can call a private number where you are personally told.  This made me realize that Fawcett’s family, who was “stunned” by the snub, might have known prior to the montage that she would not be featured.  It’s possible they just assumed she would be in it though and didn’t call.   

American Idol Must Return to the Three Judge Format Immediately

I find myself cringing throughout the entire show.  With Paula’s unconditional positivity gone, the show has become a bloodbath.  If the singer is bad, is it really necessary to have four judges bash the singer one after the other?  It’s painful to watch, and it’s just plain mean.  Four?!  Watch the slaughter fest below.

katelyn 16 @ Yahoo! Video

Kathryn Bigelow is Dating Mark Boal, the Writer of ‘Hurt Locker’

I usually don’t comment on the who’s dating who type stuff, but this one blew me away (forgive the pun).  Kathryn Bigelow, the director of ‘Hurt Locker,’ is dating Mark Boal, the writer for the film.  Boal is a journalist, screenwriter, and producer.  He is 37 years old and Bigelow is 58.  I suppose the age difference isn’t too much of a shock, given that Bigelow is so darn beautiful.   

‘Phantom of the Opera’ Sequel Debuts in London

‘Love Never Dies,’ the sequel to ‘Phantom of the Opera,’ debuts tonight in London. Previews of the sequel have already been trashed in the press. The story follows the Phantom ten years later, after he relocates to New York to find the beautiful Christine.  Andrew Lloyd Weber has responded to the criticism, by stating that it isn’t fair to judge the show by its previews.  The show will debut on Broadway in November.