James Cameron Still Supports ‘Hurt Locker’ Despite Controversy

Why can’t all divorced couples keep this healthy a relationship? After the ‘Hurt Locker’ producer was banned from the Oscars for campaigning for votes, James Cameron defended Kathryn Bigelow (the director of ‘Hurt Locker’), stating that the producer’s actions don’t reflect at all on Kathryn Bigelow’s integrity.  Here’s my question: when Cameron says over and over again on the talk show circuit that he wants the Best Picture Oscar for Avatar, isn’t that “campaigning?”  Don’t all these guys do this?  Where’s the line?  I guess you just can’t email Academy members directly and ask for votes.  You have to be much sneakier about it. 

‘California Dreams’ Reunion on Jimmy Fallon

Not sure if anyone remembers this show, but I absolutely loved it!  It came on after ‘Saved by the Bell.’  Jimmy Fallon got the cast to reunite and update on their current lives.  They also sang the great theme song from the show!  It does sort of depress me that though that this show was the high point of their careers in the industry.  I really did think they would all be huge stars one day.  Sigh…the delusions of youth.

Johnny Depp Will Star in a Movie Alongside his Wife, Vanessa Paradis

According to Johnny, Vanessa will play french feminist Simone de Beauvoir and he will play her lover Nelson Algren.  Paradis has been scratching at the Hollywood bubble for some time now.  She began her career in France as a singer, actress, and model, but she has never really had success crossing over into the U.S.  Perhaps this film is the vehicle she needs.  Listen to one of her songs below. 

Say Goodbye to Jack Bauer: ’24’ May be Over

This season may be the last for ’24.’  Fox has yet to renew the series, and Kiefer Sutherland’s contract is up at the end of season 8.  Renegotiating Sutherland’s contract could be pricey, and Fox may not want to front the bill.  Sutherland claims that his decision to remain with the series has nothing to do with his contract, and everything to do with whether the show will maintain its artistic integrity moving forward.  My guess?  It’s a little of both.  Rumors are swirling that if Fox does not renew the show, it could move to NBC.  We will find out soon enough.  ’24’ fans are used to biting their nails in anticipation anyways. 

Red Carpet Fashion: The ‘Hollywood Reporter’ Oscar Nominee Reception

The Oscar countdown has begun and so have the red carpet looks.  The ‘Hollywood Reporter,’ one of Hollywood’s leading trade publications, hosts a reception honoring Oscar nominees.  This year’s reception was co-hosted by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.  Confused about why the Mayor of Los Angeles would take the time out of his busy deficit plagued schedule to host such an event?  So were a lot of people.  Regardless, the reception provides a very good excuse for a bunch of celebrities to show up looking pretty.  See some of them below. 

[Eva Longoria]

[Marlee Matlin]

[Michelle Rodriguez]

[Nia Vardalos]

[Terri Seymour]

[Jeremy Renner – and yes he goes on the “pretty” list]

Simon and Garfunkel Plan Another Tour

This makes me very happy.  Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel are planning another U.S. tour.  This is a good move for them, considering that their 2003 tour grossed more than 50 million dollars.  Here is some Simon and Garfunkel history: The two released their last album together, ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’ in 1970, and Paul Simon wrote the song ‘So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright,’ as a personal goodbye to Art Garfunkel.  Simon was admittedly very hurt by Garfunkel’s departure.  What’s interesting to me about these two reuniting on tour again, is that I heard through the Hollywood grapevine that they did not get along at all on their 2003 tour, which is a shame since their friendship dates back to grade school.  Maybe they worked it out.  Listen to ‘So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright’ below.

Kirk Douglas is Still Pissed at Michael Douglas over ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’

This story is so crazy that I would almost consider it to be a Hollywood urban legend if Kirk Douglas and Michael Douglas were not around to confirm it.  Here is the abridged version: ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ was originally a Broadway play starring Kirk Douglas.  Kirk Douglas owned the rights to turn the play into a film, but he couldn’t get a studio to buy it.  He then gave the rights to his son, Michael Douglas, hoping that perhaps he could get it made into a movie.  Well, Michael Douglas did get it made into a movie, but he chose Jack Nicholson to play the lead instead of his father.  Kirk Douglas wasn’t pleased.  At 93 three years old, Kirk Douglas still isn’t pleased.  Rumor has it that Michael Douglas thought his father was too old to play the lead by the time the film was made.  Michael Douglas must have done something right though.  The film won 5 Oscars in 1976, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Jack Nicholson. 

Rihanna’s Performance at the Echo Awards

The internet is abuzz over Rihanna’s interesting performance at the Echo Awards.  The Echo Awards is an annual music awards ceremony in Berlin, and it honors artists from all over the world.  The winners are determined by the previous year’s sales.  See her performance (and red carpet outfit) below.  I should warn you though – a robot is involved.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is Very Pretty

My posts have been a little female oriented lately.  I have therefore decided to post a picture of the beautiful Jennifer Love Hewitt at the celebration for the 100th episode of her show, The Ghost Whisperer.  So why do television shows always celebrate their 100th episode?  Because the 100th episode marks the point where the show can finally be syndicated/sold to individual stations.  In short, the show becomes more profitable.  The point; however, is that Jennifer Love Hewitt is very pretty.