Why Can’t George Michael Make a Comeback? — Can Simon Cowell Help?

There’s a rumor flying around that Simon Cowell might attempt to resurrect George Michaels’ pop career, and I’m thrilled if it’s true.  George Michaels’ Faith album is one of the best in history, and the guy just can’t get it together again.  You would think that if you have one incredible album in you, you’d be able to duplicate its success at some point in your life (hear that Alanis?).  But Michael has always been plagued by his personal demons, and I imagine those demons are responsible for his demise.  When he initially attempted a comeback, he appeared on American Idol, and the contestants sang a mash-up of his best songs before George Michael came out to sing his new single.  The energy was immediately sucked out of the room when Michael sang a self-serving, preachy ballad, instead of his greatest song, Faith.  Translation?  It was a squandered opportunity.  I’m not sure it would have mattered much, though, because I bought the album he was promoting, and it was terrible.  It had none of the up-tempo, fun songs on Faith, and it quickly fizzled out.  I think he needs some guidance, and there’s no one better than Cowell.  For nostalgic reasons, I’ve posted Michaels’ Faith video below.  Take the time to watch for the long legged woman leaning up against the jukebox.  Just to brag, she’ s a close friend of mine, and in case you are wondering, her legs still look that good. 

Carly Simon Sues Starbucks – Again

Carly Simon is once again in a battle with Starbucks.  In her first lawsuit, Simon claimed that Starbucks did not hold up their end of the bargain when she released her 2008 album, ‘Their Kind of Love.’  She released it exclusively through Starbucks’ Hear Music label, and claims that they failed to promote the album.  Apparently, Starbucks scaled back on their label right after Carly signed her deal, and they neglected to inform her about it.  The judge through the lawsuit out, but she amended her complaint and has filed again.  Remember when Canada boycotted Alanis’ acoustic version of ‘Jagged Little Pill’ because she exclusively released it through Starbucks and they were pissed?  Who knew Starbucks could cause so much controversy?  At least they have part-time health insurance.