‘The Shallows’ – A Full Review


It’s widely known that a beautiful girl in a bikini is bound to draw eyes, but for a movie to work, there’s has to be more than just the superficial. Blake Lively proved her leading-lady prowess with a powerful performance in ‘The Shallows,” where she fights off a shark with her medical knowledge, creative ideas, and will to survive.  It takes talent to hold an audience for that long, especially with no dialogue to distract, and she does just that.

The film begins with minimal backstory about Nancy (Blake Lively), who journeys to a secret beach to surf after dropping out of medical school. Her mother died of cancer, and she visited the beach while pregnant with Nancy. Her friend stayed home, and she dangerously decides to surf in solitude. But a shark is circling the water thanks to a whale carcass, and he’s VERY interested in Nancy. I won’t ruin the film with further details, but let’s just say the writer did a great job with some serious MacGyver moves.

It’s worth noting that the story begins and ends on that beach. There was a key decision made by the director to exclude the worrying scenes of Nancy’s family and friends, so the audience is just as unsure about the potential for rescue. And while it’s certainly a thriller, it’s colorful and refreshing, with awe-inducing shots of a beach in Lord Howe Island, which is located in New South Wales.

Though no one is breaking ground here, it’s a good enough summer flick that will keep you engaged. It’s also refreshing to know a movie can be made at minimal cost these days. The movie opened with a better-than-expected $16 million, thereby making back its budget in one weekend.


Blake Lively: Hollywood’s Best Promotional Tool?

Perhaps Blake Lively’s pregnancy is also good for her temperament, because the former ‘Gossip Girl’ star is killing it on her press tour for ‘The Shallows.’ And it’s paying off. The movie is considered a “sleeper hit” and has already doubled it’s predicted intake. Should this be a lesson to actresses everywhere? Watch some of her best interviews below. You can’t help but root for her success.

Blake Lively Still Denies Nude Photos Are Her — Best Move Ever

There’s a nude photo scandal going on with Blake Lively, and her people insist that the photos are not her. I’ve seen these photos, and it’s difficult to believe her claim. Having said that, I’d like to give a major congratulations to Blake Lively’s representatives for capitalizing on the law of denial. As long as you insist the pictures are doctored, the public will be left with doubt, no matter how convincing the photographs. This is a method that other actors should soon adopt, Vanessa Hudgens in particular. Remember when Hudgens got her phone hacked, and her people confirmed their validity, followed by stern instructions to remove them because she was under eighteen at the time? I’d also like to note that I’ve learned many things from this nude photo scandal. Here’s the most important lesson, which Reese Witherspoon just reiterated: when taking naked pictures and sending them to a boy, make sure to keep my head out of the picture. That way I can always deny it’s my body, and something tells me that it won’t make much of a difference to him anyhow.

Reese Witherspoon Insults Paris Hilton & Kim Kardashian at MTV Movie Awards

Either Reese Witherspoon was drunk at the MTV Movie Awards, or she had someone else write her material. Her speech was great, but it certainly seemed out of character. She said “like” about fifty times, and she clearly insulted Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, saying, “it’s possible to make it in Hollywood without a reality show.” She also had a very good point about texting naked pictures, advising young girls everywhere to “hide their face.” Perhaps Blake Lively should take notes. Personally, I refrain from sending naked pictures altogether. No matter what the angle, my ass just looks to damn big. Watch Reese’s speech below.
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Why Can The CW Pick Actors But Not Shows?

Leighton Meester is getting a lot of attention for her new film with Gwenyth Paltrow, Country Strong, and I can’t help but wonder if the people at The CW are happy.  Gossip Girl is Meester’s career launching role, and it gets a lot of media buzz, but no ratings.  That’s always baffled me, especially considering that I religiously watch Gossip Girl, despite falling outside their target tweenie demographic.  But Meester isn’t the only actress from The CW to become extremely successful.  What about Blake Lively?  She also began on Gossip Girl, and she’s now had three major movie roles (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Town, and The Green Hornet).  And let’s not forget Kristen Bell.  Bell’s career began on Veronica Mars, which also got press attention but failed in the ratings.  Like Meester and Lively, Bell has now moved on to major movie roles.  So what’s the problem?  Is it a CW marketing problem?  Perhaps.  When ratings don’t correspond with the quality of your show, you have to question marketing and promotion.  Plus, you’d think if your that good at picking talent, you’d be equally as good at running your network as a whole.