Iggy Azalea Discusses Cheating Scandal With Ellen


If I were advising Iggy Azalea in any PR related capacity, I’d tell her to only do interviews, because she is far more likable on television than she is on twitter, which has landed her in some serious hot water in rant-related posts of the past. While recently visiting Ellen, Azalea addressed the buzz about her relationship with Nick Young, who is rumored to have cheated on her after a video came to light of an alleged confession via his disloyal teammate. I saw said video (yes, I’m ashamed), and it’s not quite clear from its content that it’s an admission of guilt. Furthermore, when a private video becomes public, it’s no one’s business, and Azalea should not be forced to comment in any capacity. Having said that, she handled the inquiry with grace and just the right amount of evasion. And kudos to the singer for copping to her plastic surgery. As for Ellen, it’s time for the host to drop the “I don’t read the tabloids, but I’m going to ask you a tabloid-related question that my team reluctantly fed to me” act. If you’re against rag mags, then don’t ask rag-mag related questions. Because that means you’re either unprepared for your job or a gigantic hypocrite.

Yahoo Presents Iggy Azalea Live Stream — Tune in Tonight

Yahoo’s bold re-brand is taking shape on the music scene with live concert streaming. They’ll revisit their “On the Road” tour this year by featuring Iggy Azalea’s show at the University of California’s Bovard Auditorium. Tune in tonight at 8PM (11PM EST) to catch the action live via the video below.

Iggy Azalea Makes You “Beg For It” — LISTEN NOW

With a flash of the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Hyponotize” and a side of Danish singer-songwriter MØ, Iggy comes in strong with “Beg For It,” a track off her forthcoming album, ‘Reclassified, which she’ll release on November 24. The mid-tempo rap song is co-produced by The Arcade & The Invisible Men and co-written by Iggy and Charli XCX. My uneducated guess tells me Iggy played a small part in the writing process and received that credit as a courtesy, but who knows. Listen below and enjoy.

JLO Releases “Booty Clip” — Lot of Lube

While I welcome any opportunity to see Jennifer Lopez’s ass, the new clip for her “Booty” single has me wondering when she started to follow trends instead of setting them. Much like Nicki Minaj, Iggy, and Miley, JLO is putting her ASS-ets in overdrive with excessive raunchiness and a zoom-in lens. This nonsense is played out and unoriginal, and forgive me if I expected more from the queen. Watch below.