Derek Hough Leaves Dancing With the Stars — I’m Devastated

If you’re a fan of my blog, then you know how much I love Dancing With the Stars, and you might also know that Derek Hough is my favorite professional dancer on the show. He’s by far the most talented dancer and the best choreographer. Remember when all of the professional dancers except Derek Hough needed outside choreographers for help with their free-style routine? Perhaps you can guess who won that season. Hough sadly announced that he’s leaving the show to pursue his movie career, but he says he’ll definitely return. As a tribute to Hough, I’ve attached some of his best dances below. Enjoy!

Today’s Rule: It’s Not a Curse if it Makes Sense

When I was young I took the time to write down every one of my pet peeves, in hopes that I would review the very long list later in life and discover that the little things no longer bother me.  Unfortunately, the plan didn’t work.  But in honor of my therapeutic effort, I will share with you one of the pet peeves on the list.  Here goes — you are not allowed to call something a “curse,” if it makes sense.  What do I mean?  Alright, I’m going to keep this description short and sweet.  Many people are referring to Jennifer Grey’s recent back surgery as a “Dancing With the Stars curse.”  Gee, I wonder how celebrities on that show get injured.  It’s so mysterious, and therefore worthy of some kind of magical explanation.  Could it be that it’s a rigorous dancing show that casts amateurs with little to no dancing experience?  And there you have it — a logical explanation.

Derek Hough & Jennifer Grey — The Best DWTS Partnership Ever

Every time I watch Dancing With the Stars I’m reminded that Derek Hough is an incredible dancer, who is way more talented than any of the other professional dancers on the show.  Tonight was no exception.  I looked up his history, and the most interesting thing I found is that all four of his grandparents were dancers, which leads me to believe he was dancing in the womb.  His performance tonight with Jennifer Grey might have been his best ever.  Watch below.

jennifer2 4 @ Yahoo! Video

Legendary Joel Grey Visits Jennifer Grey on DWTS — I’m Verklempt

Jennifer Grey got a visit from a very famous guy on tonight’s Dancing With the Stars — her father. Joel Grey is most known as the original Master of Ceremonies in Cabaret. Grey has won an Oscar, a Tony, and a Golden Globe for Cabaret, and he’s considered a Broadway legend. Watch his appearance below, and click the link to see him perform a scene from Caberet.


jennifera 5 @ Yahoo! Video

Jennifer Grey On Dancing With the Stars — The One to Beat — I’m Nostalgic

Jennifer Grey made me miss Patrick Swayze on last night’s Dancing With the Stars. She was fantastic, and I yearn for the good old days of dancing films. After all, I’ve almost exhausted my Gene Kelly Netflix queue, and I’ve seen Dirty Dancing approximately 57 times. And the new Footloose remake doesn’t count. Until the uncreative executives at movie studios come up with an original idea, I will continue to utter the line, “nobody puts Baby in a corner.” It also doesn’t hurt that Derek Hough is her partner, considering he’s the best professional dancer on the show. If you don’t agree, I’d like to remind you that every professional dancer needed an outside choreographer for last season’s finale, except Hough. Watch her performance below, and try not to cry.