Lorde v. Kanye: Battle of the Boxes

Kanye West and Es Devlin
Photo courtesy of @esdevlin

Lorde Have Mercy

Kanye West is an easy target, and he’s the subject of some much-deserved criticism as of late. But don’t touch the man on the music front. Lorde recently took to Instagram to proclaim that Kanye and Kid Cudi (the Kids See Ghosts rap duo) lifted Lorde’s floating stage in the shape of a box, saying:

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Lorde v. My Chemical Romance

Remember when I said Lorde can do no wrong after listening to her new single, “Green Light.” I take it back. After listening to her new, relatively disappointing single, “Liability,” it’s occurred to me (via a kind friend who pointed this out and asked not be quoted) that it’s strikingly similar to My Chemical Romance’s “The Black Parade.” Her upcoming album, ‘Melodrama,’ is out June 16. According to Lorde, the song is about the price of fame, and how everyone in her inner circle will at some point be attacked or impacted even if it means giving up a little portion of their privacy. Liability was also produced by Jack Antonoff. Listen below and judge the similarities for yourself. I called it disappointing for a variety of reasons. First, it’s just not that original, and if you’re going to have a very basic song, then be Adele and make it all about the vocals. Lorde’s voice is strikingly unique, and it deserves a unique melody. Second, I’m not into the piano at all. I imagine that is Antonoff’s influence, and it just doesn’t work. And lastly, the lyrics don’t really justify the sad tone.