Mariah Carey in a Candy Bra?! — WHAT????????


Somewhere behind Mariah Carey’s strange online antics is a down-to-earth girl from New York who knows how to have an articulate conversation without using words like “darling.” But if Carey had her way, I’d be the only person who knew that. Despite her talent, she’s still determined to prove herself, and that endless desire for accolades has damaged her brand. Her latest antic involves multiple twitter pictures sans clothes while in a candy bra waiting for her husband to arrive at home. While I realize twitter is a forum for a peak into your private life, there are lines, and this crosses it. To be harsh, it reeks of desperation, which isn’t necessary for someone of her vocal prowess.  Plus, the pictures aren’t pretty, which is an entirely different issue. Watch her new video below. One can’t be sure, but she may or may not be a mermaid in it.

Ray J Talks Kim Kardashian Sex Tape — ‘Watch What Happens Live’

Kim Kardashian has consistently denied that she released her own sex tape, and I’ve consistently thought otherwise. For starters, it looks like a professional movie, and everyone whose anyone knows that sex tapes are in-the-moment recordings that usually yield unflattering results. And let’s not forget Nick Cannon’s recent revelation about Kim’s fib. As for Ray J, he’s never confirmed the self-sale, but he did take the time on Watch What Happens Live to explain the level of effort he put into the tape.

Mariah Carey Reveals Twins — Babara Walters Interview

It’s great to see Mariah Carey back to her normal self in an interview. She’s usually slightly nuts, and only Barbara Walters can bring out the Mariah we loved at the beginning of her career. She finally unveiled her adorable twins, and though they seem incredibly cute, I get the strange feeling that there’s some marital animosity going on. For example, when Walters asked Mariah if she trusts Cannon, Mariah responds with, “sometimes.” Watch below.