Today’s Rule: Stop Calling Romantic Comedies “Predictable”

It’s called a romantic comedy for a reason.  If the two main characters don’t get together in the end, then it’s not a comedy.  And if you use My Best Friend’s Wedding as an example I might throw something.  Sure that film was “unpredictable,” but it was also horrible.   Furthermore, I don’t pay good money to walk into a theater expecting a laugh, and leave the theater crying because the lead actress got hit by a bus.  So what inspired this hateful tirade?  Well, I saw the film No Strings Attached, which was surprisingly mediocre.  I use the term surprising, because I expected it to be terrible, and left feeling pleasantly complacent.  In Dishmaster land, complacent is equivalent to cheerful bliss.  After I left, I read the reviews, and I kept seeing the word “predictable.”  What exactly were the critics expecting?  There were certainly issues with the movie, but predicting the ending was not one of them.

Don’t Play Scary Trailers in My Romantic Comedies

Can anyone guess what my favorite movie genre is? You got it — romantic comedies. Why? Because I go to movies as an escape, and I generally like to turn my brain off for the entire two hours. Every so often I’ll make an exception for a Tom Cruise action flick, but overall, the schmaltzier the better. So you can imagine my angst when I went to see Country Strong, and I saw an extremely disturbing trailer for a horror film. I was traumatized, and I found it very difficult to reset my mind in time for the cheesiness I desired. I thought trailers were supposed to match the genre of the movie. Are there just too few movies now to meet my interests?