Quote of the Day — Scarlett Johansson on Her “ScarJo” Nickname

“Oh, it’s awful. It’s a laziness … People can’t actually say the whole name? It’s just bizarre … so Cate Blanchett is not, like, ‘CaBla’? Why is that? Why do I have to get stuck with [ScarJo]?”

Scarlett Johansson Has Naked Pictures — Uh Oh!

Have you ever had those moments where you look at yourself naked in the mirror and think, “damn — I’m really hot. Those squats are seriously paying off?” Well if you have — and you feel the need to text sexy photos to your flavor-of-the-month — be sure to leave your face out of the picture. Just ask Scarlett Johansson, who is the latest victim of phone hacking, after naked pictures of her were taken from her cell phone. Because I’m an exceptionally moral person, I will not provide a link to the pictures, but let’s just say whoever they were sent to probably enjoyed them greatly.

Scarlett Johansson Gets Called Out by Esquire Magazine – "You Ditched Us"

Esquire Editor-in-Chief David Granger revealed that Scarlett Johansson was set to appear on the cover of their ‘Women We Love’ issue as the selected best looking woman in America, but she dropped out at the last minute. They chose ‘Mad Men’ star Christina Hendricks instead. First of all, I’m all for calling out celebrities for their asshole moves, but by revealing this incriminating information about Scarlett you managed to drag Christina Hendricks name through the mud as well. Do you think she’s happy you let the public know that she was the second choice for the cover? As an aside, Hendricks was the better choice anyways. Using Scarlett would have been a completely unoriginal idea.

Movie Review: Iron Man 2

The great Robert McKee says that you can tell within the first ten minutes of a film whether you will like it overall.  That was certainly the case with Iron Man 2. Before you read further, please be aware that you don’t have to worry about me revealing plot details, because there simply isn’t a plot.  Here’s the “story” in a nutshell: Robert Downey Jr. is an ego-maniac that women want to sleep with, and a certain disturbing looking individual hopes to kill. Why? Who knows. Perhaps you should go see the movie and alert me if I missed something.  I also finally understand why there were so many rumors about a Gwyneth Paltrow/Scarlett Johansson feud.  If I were Gwyneth, I would be infuriated by Johansson’s character.  There is absolutely no reason for her existence, other than to be a hot chick that draws men to the theater.  In fact, for mostly all of the film, she stands next to Gwyneth Paltrow and caters to Tony Stark, which pretty much invalidates the purpose of Paltrow’s character.  I really did hope this film would be good.  I loved the original, and was very excited for the follow-up.  But as my brother pointed out, sequels that are released so close to the original film, are usually terrible.  They are too rushed to be of high quality.  I would still encourage you to see the film though – Robert Downey Jr. sure is yummy to look at.