Ruth Wilson Shades ‘The Affair,’ and Showtime Responds in Kind

Ruth Wilson as Alison in The Affair (Season 4, Episode 6) Photo: Ali Goldstein/SHOWTIME

Anyone who knows television history or has worked in Business Affairs is aware of the monumental change that occurred as a result of the ‘Friends’ cast, who formed a fierce front for their salary demands on the heels of the show’s massive success. Leading the charge was David Schwimmer, who stood to make the most money by comparison to his castmates, given that he and Jennifer Aniston were the breakout stars. The cast quickly agreed with Schwimmer’s kind proposal, and despite massive push-back from the powers that be, they refused to back down, insisting that they all deserved to be paid the same. Matt LeBlanc once recounted that the negotiations got so heated he once had to walk off the set in solidarity with his castmates, who were all receiving their own type of pressure.

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Lisa Kudrow’s ‘Web Therapy’ — Best New Show on Television

I constantly struggle to find new television to watch. In fact, almost all scripted television I currently watch is in its final year, which means I’m prepared for some lonely nights very soon. In an effort to find a new show, I recently powered through one episode of almost every show on television, and I stumbled across the very funny ‘Web Therapy.’ It stars Lisa Kudrow as ‘Fiona Wallace,’ a terrible online therapist who treats her clients with three minute sessions. The show is largely improvised, and it actually began online before Showtime picked it up to air the existing episodes on its network. Good work, Showtime.