Carrie Underwood in The Sound of Music Live! — How’d She Do?!

Risk-takers are worth celebrating, especially when those risks encourage families to take time together, in a world dictated by the demands of multi-tasking, technology, and endless email-checking. For one of the first times in a long time, NBC thought outside the box and produced The Sound of Music Live! with Carrie Underwood as its star. Though there are inevitable assaults on Underwood’s acting chops and unfair comparisons to Julie Andrews, the country crooner held her own and rose to the occasion.

Carrie Underwood’s career trajectory has consistently impressed me. She began on American Idol and could have easily rested on her laurels with expected albums and tours, but she’s instead pushed herself in unpredictable ways. She’s hosted awards shows, poked public fun at her cohorts (see Jimmy Fallon), and now — The Sound of Music Live! There are stories about her insane talent at memorizing lines and devotion to the project, and it showed. Overall, I loved it. And judging from the 18 million viewers, so did the public. If you missed it, check it out below.