Jim Breuer Calls Out Former ‘Saturday Night Live’ Writer Adam McKay

Jim Breuer added to his roster of hilarious appearances on Howard Stern today.  Of the many stories he told, my favorite involved his tumultuous relationship with former ‘Saturday Night Live’ head writer, Adam McKay.  Breuer recounted the many times that McKay nixed Breuer’s sketches with Tracy Morgan.  According to Breuer, McKay was threatened by his success on the show, and made it his mission to get him fired.  When Breuer received a private phone call from Lorne Michaels asking him to go to dinner and ‘make nice’ with McKay, he refused and was subsequently fired/quit.  Despite being infuriated by this story, it’s at least refreshing to hear that infighting and backstabbing exists no matter where you work.  We can all breathe a sigh of relief and stop dreaming of the days that we escape our “desk jobs.”  Oh yeah – Breuer also revealed that he, Tracey Morgan, and Colin Quinn, tried to gang rape Will Ferrell in an effort to get him to break character.  It didn’t work.  Ferrell stayed in character.

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