Jennifer Lopez on American Idol — Career Suicide?

When I heard Jennifer Lopez was joining the American Idol judging table, my furrowed brow caused a permanent dent in my forehead.  What on earth is she thinking?  I know that American Idol has gained some serious respect and big names over the years, but judging a reality competition is where a star goes to die.  It is only good to launch an unknown’s career, but for someone that is already famous, it’s inevitably a step backward.  When Paula joined, she was a well-liked has-been that people wanted to see in front of the camera again.  She won a Grammy during her once-upon-a-time success, and was lovable train-wreck.  But Jennifer Lopez is still too relevant to make this move.  Deadline reports that her career is actually in the toilet, so she was courting American Idol for the opportunity.  Her recent film, The Back-Up Plan, tanked at the Box Office, and her record label dropped her.  So perhaps she isn’t as relevant as I like to think she is, and this is the boost she needs.  I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

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