Kendall Jenner and Others — Are Prepubescent Models the New Anorexics?

Kendall Jenner, one of the many Kardashian sisters in the entertainment industry, models clothing, and she’s only fourteen years old.  Kris Jenner seems to think it’s fine, probably because she’s a “momager” that pockets ten percent of the proceeds.  But should prepubescent girls be modeling clothing?  It’s certainly an alternative to having anorexic adults do it.  And since the fashion industry is getting pressured to employ bigger models, they decided to employ toddlers instead.  Maybe I missed the opportunity to be on the cover of a magazine at the tender age of ten.  After all, my legs were pretty thin then.  Poor Kendall — it’s all downhill from here.

2 thoughts on “Kendall Jenner and Others — Are Prepubescent Models the New Anorexics?”

  1. Hmm although i agree with you 100%, regularly featured (i.e. ‘top’ models) are quite often 14 or so when they are scouted and signed to agencies. Quite a few ads we see these days feature very young models, but with the glamour of styling and the prominence of photoshopping in the industry, they are easily made to look older and more ‘womanly’.

    It does seem like a shame, but i think if the industry had more support systems and further education opportunities for these young models, they would come out ok and maybe even learn some life skills and self esteem that most 14yr olds wont experience until they’re much older.

    Joanna Sherwell – founder of Australian model support service

    1. Yeah, not all young people in the industry end up messed up, it’s just type
      of parents that push their kids into these professions are usually nuts.
      And nutty parents raise nutty children, who then turn into nutty adults.

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