USC Law School v. Robert Kardashian: “He’s Not Invited”

When Robert Kardashian tweeted that he’d be attending law school in the fall, followed by, “#UniversityofSouthernCal #Trojans #FightOn,” I naturally assumed, like all media outlets, that the law school in question is USC. But not so fast. When USC got wind of Kardashian’s hashtag proclamation, they quickly spoke up, saying, “News to us. Wish him luck at the law school he’s really attending.” And there you have it. More twisted truths from the Kardashians.

Kardashians Model Their Own Lingerie — Orange & Airbrushed

There’s something fundamentally cheesy about celebrities who model their own clothing. And when that clothing is lingerie — it’s even worse. To top it off, the Kardashian girls are practically unrecognizable in their ad. They are so heavily airbrushed they border on cartoon characters. Did I mention they’re orange? I realize this is how it’s done now, but it’s ridiculous.

Barbara Walters Calls the Kardashians “Talentless” — Plays Kim’s Sex Tape

Today is a new day, and it’s therefore time to mention again how much I love Barbara Walters. During her “Ten Most Fascinating People” special, Walters was fearless, telling the Kardashians they have no talent. She even played clips of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. I have to hand it to the Kardashians, though. Not everyone can extend their fifteen minutes into hundreds of millions of dollars. Watch below.

Barbara Walters on Letterman: “You Cannot Trust the Kardashians”

It’s no secret that I love Barbara Walters, but her Kardashian tirade on David Letterman while promoting her 10 Most Fascinating People special made my Barbara-Walters-love-bubble nearly explode. Walters’ anger resulted from her well-known standard that the participants in her interviews refrain from making big announcements prior to the air-date, because the interviews are filmed well in advance and any big life-changes will make Walters look as if she forgot to ask the relevant questions. There’s simply no excuse for Kourtney Kardashian’s pregnancy announcement prior to the interview being aired. It’s just rude. How dare these Kardashians disrespect Queen Walters.

Quote of the Day — Daniel Craig Bashes the Kardashians

“‘Ooh I want to be alone.’ F*** you! We’ve been in your living room. We were at your birth. You filmed it for us and showed us the placenta and now you want some privacy? They’re worth millions. I don’t think they were that badly off to begin with but now look at them. You see that and you think, ‘What, you mean all I have to do is behave like a f***ing idiot on television and then you’ll pay me millions?'” Daniel Craig on the Kardashians

Kris Jenner Cheated on Robert Kardashian — Let the Book Sales Begin!

At what point will the Kardashians realize they have crossed the fame-whore line? Do they even understand their own “reality” at this point? As part of Kris Jenner’s book promotion, she disclosed having cheated on her late husband, Robert Kardashian. Of the affair, Jenner said, “his name was Ryan, and he was a producer. We had wild sex everywhere, all the time.” Wow — it sounds like she really regrets it. If Robert Kardashian were alive, I imagine he wouldn’t be pleased with such a public revelation of a painful time. And since her children are alive to see this morally-inept behavior, I wonder if they’re okay with their mother publicly admitting to having cheated on their father. I understand that when you write a book about your life, honesty is important. That being said, something tells me that when Kris Jenner sat down with her publisher, the conversation went something like this: “Hey, Kris. What juicy gossip can you disclose to sell more books?” “Oh! I cheated on my ex-husband! Isn’t that wonderful!? We have something great to write about!”

Tim Gunn on Kim Kardashian’s Looks: “As Soon as She Moves, It’s All Over”

You have to admire the chutzpah of Tim Gunn.  The man has no fear, and the vintage interview below is no exception.  Joy Behar asked him what he thought of the Kardashian “look,” and he said that their style is “vulgar, cheap, and tawdry.”  When Behar said they are “sweet girls,” and they have appeared on her show, Gunn asked how they were dressed.  Behar said Kim looked pretty and Tim said, “she’s pretty but she’s a poser.  As soon as she moves it’s all over.”  I’m not sure what he means exactly, but it sounds pretty funny.  Does he mean that her ass is so large, he becomes distracted when she begins to walk?  I’m not sure, but I love Tim Gunn more and more every day.

Kendall Jenner and Others — Are Prepubescent Models the New Anorexics?

Kendall Jenner, one of the many Kardashian sisters in the entertainment industry, models clothing, and she’s only fourteen years old.  Kris Jenner seems to think it’s fine, probably because she’s a “momager” that pockets ten percent of the proceeds.  But should prepubescent girls be modeling clothing?  It’s certainly an alternative to having anorexic adults do it.  And since the fashion industry is getting pressured to employ bigger models, they decided to employ toddlers instead.  Maybe I missed the opportunity to be on the cover of a magazine at the tender age of ten.  After all, my legs were pretty thin then.  Poor Kendall — it’s all downhill from here.