Nicki Minaj on Chelsea Lately — Confirms She’s Crazy

I’ve posted Nicki Minaj’s interview with Chelsea Lately, because it’s a perfect example of a celebrity that’s on their way to an early musical grave.  You can’t behave like this and actually maintain success.  First of all, she entered the interview with attitude, and seemed offended by Chelsea Handler’s humor.  Second, she claims to have three personalities, which in every day life would justify involuntary commitment into an insane asylum.  Not on the music industry though — apparently the stage is great place for “Roman.”  Did I mention that her three personalities prefer different types of men?  Good luck, Nicki.

One thought on “Nicki Minaj on Chelsea Lately — Confirms She’s Crazy”

  1. I guess I missed what u saw. I didn’t think Nicki behaved poorly, or rudely, or whatever u meant by “act like that”, nor do I think she acted offended by Chelsea’s humor. I didn’t see her give attitude at all. It may have not been the most interesting interview, but it definitely wasn’t the worst I’ve seen.  I feel the same way with what you said about the Justin Bieber interview. It was pretty boring, and Justin didn’t have much to say, but I didn’t think he had an “Usher ego” or was anywhere close to heading towards bankruptcy.  I don’t understand what you are seeing that u think is going to move these artists to the end of their careers.  Just curious as to what I’m not seeing.

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