Maksim Chmerkovskiy v. Len Goodman — It’s War

Though I’d love for the very yummy Maksim Chmerkovskiy to show me that feisty temper in the privacy of my bedroom, it doesn’t fit on Dancing With the Stars. When Len Goodman insulted his Rumba, Maksim riled the audience and promoted their boos, which incited Len Goodman’s rage. Maksim then said that the professional dancers “kill themselves only to hear judgmental comments.” First, what did Maksim think he signed up for? This is a dancing show, and there are three judges on the panel that are paid to actually judge his dance. Second, it’s supposed to be fun. And he’s not being very fun. Third, his Rumba was terrible. Hope looked awkward and it had zero sex appeal. Did he expect a standing ovation? And finally, please don’t vote him off. He’s just too damn beautiful to look at every week.

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