Nicole Sherzinger’s New Single, ‘Try With Me’ — Terrible

If you watch X Factor, then you’re familiar with the excessively pompous Nicole Scherzinger who has made it clear on numerous occasions that she can actually sing. So you can imagine my bliss when I discovered her wretched new single, ‘Try With Me’, where the vocals are nearly unrecognizable amidst an auto-tuned mess. Haven’t we heard enough of this wretched sound? Isn’t it time for evolution to phase out these types of singers? Where’s Darwin when you need him. Listen below.

<a href=";mkt=en-gb&amp;from=sp^en-gb&amp;src=FLPl:embed::uuids" target="_new" title="MSN Exclusive: Nicole Scherzinger - Try With Me" class="broken_link" rel="nofollow">Video: MSN Exclusive: Nicole Scherzinger &#8211; Try With Me</a>

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