Maksim & Hope Skip DWTS Post-Show Interviews — Did ABC Ban Them?

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Hope Solo skipped their Dancing With the Stars post elimination tour, and I have a feeling ABC had something to do with it. Though there’s speculation that Solo and Chmerkovskiy are “sore losers” for their absence on Jimmy Kimmel and Good Morning America, it’s likely that these post-elimination appearances were built into their contract, which means they are either in breach, or ABC decided that their sour attitude would make for bad publicity. The latter makes more sense. It’s also startling that Chmerkovskiy feels so comfortable soiling his status with ABC, especially considering his per-episode payday. Given the headache he’s caused the show, I would not be surprised if he wasn’t picked-up for next season. Here’s hoping he’s saved his money.

Dancing With the Stars Team Paso Doble — Derek Hough Rescues Hope Solo

I like a feisty man, but after watching Maksim Chmerkovskiy man-handle Hope Solo during the Team Paso Doble practice, I’ve officially changed my ‘Dancing With the Stars’ crush to Derek Hough. When Maksim disturbingly tossed Hope around during what seemed like a temper tantrum, Derek Hough interjected to teach her the step. It’s particularly interesting because Maksim recently attributed Derek’s insane success on the show to his talented partners, saying that if he was given the same partners, he’d be just as good. Perhaps Maksim should watch the video below and then apologize to Derek Hough. It seems like the only person in Maksim’s way is Maksim.

Educational Resource: Maksim is probably wishing that his partners had taken classes from online masters degree programs in performing arts.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy v. Len Goodman — It’s War

Though I’d love for the very yummy Maksim Chmerkovskiy to show me that feisty temper in the privacy of my bedroom, it doesn’t fit on Dancing With the Stars. When Len Goodman insulted his Rumba, Maksim riled the audience and promoted their boos, which incited Len Goodman’s rage. Maksim then said that the professional dancers “kill themselves only to hear judgmental comments.” First, what did Maksim think he signed up for? This is a dancing show, and there are three judges on the panel that are paid to actually judge his dance. Second, it’s supposed to be fun. And he’s not being very fun. Third, his Rumba was terrible. Hope looked awkward and it had zero sex appeal. Did he expect a standing ovation? And finally, please don’t vote him off. He’s just too damn beautiful to look at every week.