Dancing With the Stars Team Paso Doble — Derek Hough Rescues Hope Solo

I like a feisty man, but after watching Maksim Chmerkovskiy man-handle Hope Solo during the Team Paso Doble practice, I’ve officially changed my ‘Dancing With the Stars’ crush to Derek Hough. When Maksim disturbingly tossed Hope around during what seemed like a temper tantrum, Derek Hough interjected to teach her the step. It’s particularly interesting because Maksim recently attributed Derek’s insane success on the show to his talented partners, saying that if he was given the same partners, he’d be just as good. Perhaps Maksim should watch the video below and then apologize to Derek Hough. It seems like the only person in Maksim’s way is Maksim.

Educational Resource: Maksim is probably wishing that his partners had taken classes from online masters degree programs in performing arts.

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