Leah Remini’s Scientology Interview: What We Learned

leah reminiLeah Remini’s exit from Scientology has long been documented, with the actress actively speaking out in nearly every forum imaginable. And while it’s certainly interesting to see such an outspoken person out the religion, she has not revealed anything that interesting or objectionable . . . until now. Her 20/20 sit-down was shocking, and it shed serious light on just how she entered this world in the first place. See a list of her standout revelations below.

  • She was only invited to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ wedding so she would bring Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, only to discover upon arrival that she was separated from her best friend for the entire event, which she presumes was an effort to convert the couple without Remini’s interference.
  • She inquired about the absence of the head of Scientology’s wife and filed a missing person’s report. Her behavior received a write-up from Katie Holmes herself, and Remini paid for it for months, with all-day hours inside the church that kept her from her family.
  • She participated in Sea Org as a child, doing manual labor and living in roach-infested lodgings.
  • She was removed from traditional schooling in eighth grade to attend Scientology school, with the sole focus on Scientology itself.
  • She has spent millions on the religion, having paid very high amounts to continue moving up each level.
  • Her entire family defected, including her mother, sister, and husband, because if they hadn’t, they would have been instructed to “disconnect” from the star, thereby extinguishing all contact.

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