Sarah Lake on 20/20 — Still Won’t Keep Quiet About Black Swan

Oh Sarah Lake . . . you still don’t get it. I’ll explain it to you again so that you understand why your behavior is inappropriate. It’s absolutely none of your business if the movie studio wants to portray Natalie Portman as a ballerina. You were hired to be her dance-double, and you did your job. Now be done with it. To go on national television and expose who really did all the dancing is ridiculous and unprofessional. In the interview below, Lake explains that she’s discussing the issue because she wants to “stand up for the art form,” so people don’t think they can become a professional ballet dancer in a year and a half. Here’s the problem — no one thinks that. And what if they do think that? What’s the harm? If I think I can become a professional ballet dancer in a year, then maybe I’ll take up the sport and get in shape while trying. Maybe more people will become interested in ballet, which only helps the art form. But if I’m convinced that it takes me 20 years, then why bother? Get my point Ms. Lake? Learn the business of Hollywood before you run your mouth.

Natalie Portman’s ‘Black Swan’ Body Double Speaks — Bad Move Sarah Lane?

Even though It’s gutsy when the lone wolf stands up to the big bad Hollywood studio, it’s also career suicide.  Sarah Lane is making the interview rounds to discuss just how much work she did as Natalie Portman’s body double in Black Swan.  Lane says Natalie Portman did only 5% of the work, contrary to the 85% claimed by  Benjamin Millipied, Natalie’s choreographer and fiance.  She claims she wants to clear this up, not because she’s jealous of Natalie’s success, but because she thinks it’s an insult to dancers everywhere to suggest that someone could become a professional ballet dancer in only a year.  She’s also unhappy that she’s not even credited as Portman’s body double, having only been mentioned at the very end of the credits as a “Lady in the Lane.”  Nothing pleases me more than defending the little guy, but I’ll make an exception this time around.  First, it’s really none of Lane’s business how Fox Searchlight Pictures (the movie studio) wishes to portray Natalie Portman’s dancing ability.  If they want to stretch the truth to make their movie sell, then so be it.  Sarah Lane was paid for her work, and that’s all she’s entitled to.  Furthermore, if she wanted to be credited as Natalie Portman’s body double, then she should have a long talk with her agent that negotiated the deal.  These things are worked out in advance, and it’s therefore not the studio’s fault for billing her as a “Lady in the Lane” —  it’s her agent’s fault.  And lastly, as previously mentioned, this is career suicide.  Do you think a major movie studio is going to hire Sarah Lane again after she exposed information they didn’t want released?  Probably not.  When you have a job, do your job, keep your mouth shut, and get out.  Let this be a lesson.

Jim Carrey’s is the Black Swan on SNL — Confirms He’s Brilliant

I’ve never been a massive Saturday Night Live fan. I didn’t stay home on Saturdays in high school to watch it, and I never find myself actually laughing out loud at the skits. But when Jim Carrey appeared as the Black Swan, I almost choked on my apple (alright — it was potato chips — I don’t eat apples but I thought I’d lie for just a moment). When I first saw Black Swan I was moderately impressed, and then I talked to this guy at work who waxed-on about how terrible it was. He convinced me. I’d tell you why, but I haven’t figured out how to write my review without spoiling the entire movie. So in an effort to express my point without ruining the film, please watch the skit below, because Jim Carrey explains it so I don’t have to.