Scout Willis Takes a Stand — FOR NUDITY

Of all the many movements to support, nudity is certainly not on my top-ten list. Scout Willis, the obviously outspoken daughter of Bruce and Demi, apparently feels otherwise. In response to Instagram’s no nudity policy, Scout strolled naked through NYC, saying things on twitter like, “I’m moving to Europe, people’s victorian sensibilities need to calm the [f-k] down.”

Something tells me Scout spends far too much time on social media, and is in desperate need of a more profound cause of which to bring attention. Instagram is a private entity, and they are perfectly entitled to have personal standards about what they promote. For instance, when I have a dinner party in my PRIVATE home, I ask that my guests show up clothed. Sure the naked body is beautiful, but I’d like to keep my chairs clean.

UPDATE: In an effort to change the world, I’ve joined the movement, and posted a picture of Scout Willis’ TATAS. Next stop — WORLD PEACE.


Bruce Willis Tanks Red 2 Interview — Self-Important Prick?

For years I’ve heard from Hollywood insiders that Bruce Willis is a self-important prick. I’d go into details, but that might divulge my sources. That being said, all you need for confirmation is the video below, in which Willis single-handedly tanks his Red 2 interview for no reason at all. Willis clearly resents his press-tour, and punished the interviewer as a result. As for Mary Louise Parker, she’s a consummate professional who thanklessly attempted to rescue this.

The Cast of Armageddon Introduce the Film

I had the honor of attending a screening of Armageddon tonight, with Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thorton, Michael Clarke Duncan, and William Fichtner introducing the film.  The screening was a tribute producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who is now promoting Prince of Persia.  Aside from the many flattering stories the actors told about working with Bruckheimer, the most important part is that they all look fantastic in person.  Billy Bob Thorton did make a very funny joke about how Bruce Willis was the most famous star of the film . . . at that time.  Willis took the hit in stride.  There was no question or comments, but if I could have said something, I probably would have told Fichtner that ‘Go’ is one of the best movies of all time.  See a picture from the event below.

Bruce Willis Makes ‘Gorillaz’ Very Popular

The new ‘Gorillaz’ video for their song ‘Stylo’ has become very popular thanks to Bruce Willis.  It has become one of the most successful music videos on the web, already garnering over 1.8 million hits on YouTube.  The video beat both U2 and Weezer, the previous record holders.  Click on the link below to watch it.

Gorillaz Video – Stylo