Maksim Chmerkovskiy Delivers Toys to Los Angeles Children’s Hospital

Maksim Chmerkovskiy has recieved a significant amount of heat in the press lately for his Dancing With the Stars behavior, so I thought it only fair to report on his positive actions. He visited the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital to deliver toys and books to the children involved in dance therapy. I’m told he also danced with the patients in the Mark Taper-Johnny Mercer Artists Program, which is dedicated to bringing art to critically and chronically ill children, teens, and families. The donated toys were collected by Cost Plus World Market, as a part of the Share the Joy program. As an aside, would it be wrong to point out how hot Maksim looks in the pictures below? Inappropriate?

*Photos Courtesy of Wire Image

Does Waiving Your Celebrity Fee Really Count as Charity?

Celebrities are constantly signing up for gigs, and waiving their fee as a “charitable” gesture.  But does it really count as charity when you waive your payment?  Why not give your money out of your personal bank account instead — or perhaps match the fee?  Darren Criss, the new Gleek I often pick-on, performed at The Roxy over the weekend and donated the proceeds from the gig to charity.  He also signed autographs in exchange for audience members bringing toys-for-tots gifts.  And let’s not forget Idol Gives Back, which is perhaps the best example of all time.  American Idol hosts a charity show, and the huge ratings allow FOX to pocket a tremendous amount of money from the ad revenue.  But FOX doesn’t donate their ad revenue, and they instead air an entire show about how every American, except the FOX executives, should “give back.”  Americans wouldn’t need to “give back” if FOX, donated half their profit.  So am I a heartless prick that doesn’t appreciate a decent gesture, or am I correct?  As an aside, I didn’t think of this brilliant theory on my own.  The great Howard Stern said it during his famous Bill O’Reilly interview.  I’ve posted the very funny video below, and he begins to talk about Bill’s “chachkies” on minute 3:10.   And if you’re wondering why I chose Katy Perry as the picture for this post, I figured nothing says “charitable giving” like Katy Perry in a skimpy American flag outfit.