‘The Hangover’ Director Todd Phillips Insults Howard Stern’s Robin Quivers — Total Jerk!

‘The Hangover’ director Todd Phillips called Howard Stern today to promote his sequel, and he’s officially on The Dishmaster sh*t-list. First, he sounded exhausted and boring, and second, he took aim at Robin Quivers, saying he was “over her.” When Stern prodded, Phillips said she upsets the rhythm of the show, and she’s “changed for the worse with her constant interruptions.” I’m sure Quivers incited his anger after insulting his film, ‘Due Date,’ saying that no one saw it. When Phillips informed Quivers that the movie made “$200 million” worldwide, Quivers responded with, “from where? Thailand?” Clearly the guy can’t take a joke, because his retaliation was far worse than her original insult. Since I’m a huge fan of both Robin Quivers and Howard Stern, I’d like to tell Todd Phillips to suck it. Also — he should go to bed early the next time he makes a Stern appearance. That might help with his boring disposition.

Movie Review — Due Date

This movie was a breath of fresh air, which is a strange statement because Robert Downey, Jr. spent most of the film feeling suffocated by Zach Galifianakis’.  It was light-hearted and funny with just the right amount of gross-out humor.  Galifianakis and Downey drive across the country together after they end up on a no-fly list.  Under no other circumstances would these two men hang out, which is why the film is so great.  Downey is a tightly wound guy who is a bit of prick, and Galifianakis is a sweetheart who likes everyone but is liked by no one.  I don’t think this movie could have survived without these two actors, and it’s worth seeing just for their performance.  Plus, have I mentioned I’m in love with Robert Downey?