Tiffani Amber Thiessen Address Jennie Garth Feud on Howard Stern

Who would have thought that Tiffani Amber Thiessen would make a great Howard Stern interview? The juiciest part of her Stern sit-down involved his Jennie-Garth-feud questions. Though she wouldn’t divulge much, she did give some substantial clues about what went wrong, saying “I was the one who was hurt.” When Stern asked his sidekick, Robin Quivers, for a translation of Tiffani’s cryptic response, Thiessen confirmed Robin’s suspicion that Garth wasn’t there for her in her time of need. Thiessen also said that the female members of the 90210 cast weren’t nice to her when she join the show, and it’s “ironic that her friendship with Garth ended just the way it began.” Ouch!

‘The Hangover’ Director Todd Phillips Insults Howard Stern’s Robin Quivers — Total Jerk!

‘The Hangover’ director Todd Phillips called Howard Stern today to promote his sequel, and he’s officially on The Dishmaster sh*t-list. First, he sounded exhausted and boring, and second, he took aim at Robin Quivers, saying he was “over her.” When Stern prodded, Phillips said she upsets the rhythm of the show, and she’s “changed for the worse with her constant interruptions.” I’m sure Quivers incited his anger after insulting his film, ‘Due Date,’ saying that no one saw it. When Phillips informed Quivers that the movie made “$200 million” worldwide, Quivers responded with, “from where? Thailand?” Clearly the guy can’t take a joke, because his retaliation was far worse than her original insult. Since I’m a huge fan of both Robin Quivers and Howard Stern, I’d like to tell Todd Phillips to suck it. Also — he should go to bed early the next time he makes a Stern appearance. That might help with his boring disposition.

Is Robin Quivers Leaving Howard Stern?

Everyone knows that there’s no Howard Stern without Robin Quivers, so her announcement today that she might not return to the show was particularly disturbing.  Apparently, Howard Stern signed his deal for another five years, but Robin has yet to sign her own deal.  I found this confusing, especially because my understanding of Howard Stern’s contract is that Sirius pays his company a lump sum and then Stern uses that money to pay his staff.  That would explain why he’s repeatedly said that he didn’t actually pocket $100 million per year.  According to Robin, she “hasn’t even been made an offer.”  Does this mean that Howard hasn’t made her an offer or that Sirius hasn’t made her an offer?  I demand an explanation.

Robin Quivers Should Date Garry Shandling

We all know that my celebrity look-alike posts need some serious work.  But what about my celebrity match-making skills?  Well, here goes nothing.  Garry Shandling appeared on Howard Stern today to promote the Iron Man 2 DVD, and I noticed an interesting romantic connection between Shandling and Stern’s leading lady, Robin Quivers.  Shandling often tried to engage Quivers during the interview, and Stern predictably squashed the side-conversation, because he likes to dominate his interviews.  Shandling confessed that he’s never been married, but isn’t opposed to the idea.  Since Stern has been discussing a Bachelorette-style dating show for Quivers, perhaps Shandling will make the list.