Hangover Part II — Movie Review

When a movie is good, you might as well make it twice, right? There’s a lot of negative film reviews out there for this sequel, and I can’t help but think those film critics missed the genius of duplicating a format.  After all, isn’t that why we remake old classics?  The Hangover writers are just ahead of their time. They re-made a movie within two years of its original release — and if you liked the first one — then you’ll like the second one. There’s no need to summarize the plot for this review, other than to say that Stu is getting married again — and this time it’s in Thailand.  The subsequent hilarity is much like the first film, but with different jokes.  Oh yeah — it’s slightly grosser.  Go see it. I promise you’ll laugh. OVERALL RATING: DISHTASTIC

‘The Hangover’ Director Todd Phillips Insults Howard Stern’s Robin Quivers — Total Jerk!

‘The Hangover’ director Todd Phillips called Howard Stern today to promote his sequel, and he’s officially on The Dishmaster sh*t-list. First, he sounded exhausted and boring, and second, he took aim at Robin Quivers, saying he was “over her.” When Stern prodded, Phillips said she upsets the rhythm of the show, and she’s “changed for the worse with her constant interruptions.” I’m sure Quivers incited his anger after insulting his film, ‘Due Date,’ saying that no one saw it. When Phillips informed Quivers that the movie made “$200 million” worldwide, Quivers responded with, “from where? Thailand?” Clearly the guy can’t take a joke, because his retaliation was far worse than her original insult. Since I’m a huge fan of both Robin Quivers and Howard Stern, I’d like to tell Todd Phillips to suck it. Also — he should go to bed early the next time he makes a Stern appearance. That might help with his boring disposition.