Penn Jillette v. Clay Aiken — Does Art Beat Money?

Two weeks ago on Celebrity Apprentice, Penn Jillette had a fight with Clay Aiken about a fundraising task which involved Jillette’s very well-known Vegas friends and performers, Blue Man Group. In short, Blue Man Group agreed to donate eight thousand dollars, but they delivered it by popping a money-filled-balloon at the end of their performance, which resulted in some of the money being lost to random people on the street. Aiken was furious at the lost money, and he basically called Jillette ridiculous for the entire idea. After reading Jillette’s incredibly moving and well-written article on the Huffington Post about what happened, I’m officially in love with him. He described his love of art as more powerful than his love of money, and he detailed his struggle in explaining that to Trump and Aiken, saying, “Trying to explain to Donald Trump that beauty and art can be more important than money is like trying to explain to Donald Trump that beauty and art can be more important than money.” He also said that this was the “episode where Donald Trump understood that he didn’t understand me, and feeling misunderstood by Donald Trump and Clay Aiken is its own kind of joy.” Wow. Here’s hoping I can interview Penn Jillette one day.

Alec Baldwin Didn’t Boycott the Emmys After All

When rumors surfaced that Alec Baldwin “boycotted” the Emmys because Fox nixed his phone hacking joke from the opening segment, Baldwin was quick to clarify the situation with the Huffington Post. According to Baldwin, he had a previous commitment to Tony Bennett’s charity, and he never planned to attend. But just when you thought there was no ill-will, Baldwin got a witty dig in, saying, “I understand News Corps.’ reluctance to include that joke. If I were accused of illegally hacking into the private phone messages of the families of innocent crime victims and doing so purely for profit, I would be eager for that scandal to go away, too.” Fox defended its decision, saying it had nothing to do with being humorless, and the choice was based solely on respecting the innocent victims involved in the scandal. To be fair, Fox probably made the right choice. America has a fleeting memory, so the less you mention something, the more likely everyone is to forget about it.

Alec Baldwin Addresses the Weiner Scandal — Huffington Post

When the Weiner scandal broke, I had a lot to say and a lot of questions. I turned to my male friends, asking them to explain why a man would enjoy online sex, especially when such online sex primarily revolves around pictures of his own genitalia. Plus, his wife is hot. So what gives? Is he an over-sexed guy in need of constant affirmation? Is his wife a prude? Perhaps he’s just a pervert? My guy friend kindly pointed me to Alec Baldwin’s article with the Huffington Post, which basically answers all of the above questions. And I’d like to close this post by saying — of all the celebrities I fantasize about having coffee with — Alec Baldwin is number one.