Andi Dorfman Disses Juan Pablo is New-Season Poster

20140415-153102.jpgThough Andi Dorfman was an ABC favorite after she axed Juan Pablo during her stint on The Bachelor, I still contend she’s far too difficult to be an in-demand Bachelorette. Sure she’s strong, but she’s also temperamental, and much like Deanna Pappas, I simply can’t see her appealing to a mass quantity of men. That being said, this should be an interesting season. As for the poster that poked at Juan Pablo, that copywriter deserves an immediate raise.

Andi Dorfman Dumps Juan Pablo — Rudest Bachelorette Ever

Despite popular belief, there is a classy way to dump someone, and listing your suitor’s flaws isn’t one of them. The Bachelor’s Juan Pablo certainly has some issues, but Andi Dorfman’s are far superior. In case you missed last night’s episode, Dorfman told Juan Pablo that she felt certain he was not “the one” after their fantasy suite and then curtly reviewed everything he did wrong, along with pointing out that he should eliminate “it’s okay,” from his vocabulary because, “It’s annoying.” It’s clear Juan Pablo cannot give Andi Dorfman what she needs in a relationship, but that’s more about incompatibility than fault. Dorfman is a successful, Jewish lawyer and Juan Pablo is a Venezuelan, Catholic, retired soccer player. If she thought this would work this long in the process, she needs a little more self-awareness. Relationships tend to thrive when people actually have things in common. And that’s no one’s fault.