ABC Pulls Scandal From the Fall Schedule


If Kerry Washington knew that ‘Scandal’ would be held from the Fall schedule over her pregnancy, she certainly proved her acting prowess on Jimmy Kimmel, where she was joined by Shonda Rhimes for a will-Olivia-Pope-Be-Pregnant Q & A. This is a surprising move, but perhaps it reflects Washington’s desire for maternity leave. You won’t see any tears from The Dishmaster, though. Scandal has become far too dark for my enjoyment as of late. It’s tough to root for completely evil, sociopaths who show zero signs of remorse. In short, Washington still speaks to her father, who killed the President’s son, and she’s currently pursuing a man that killed his wife’s father for the inheritance. If there’s any attempt to justify that behavior with “he was following orders to save his own life,” that would indeed be the Nuremberg Defense, and it was dismissed in Nazi Germany.

Kerry Washington Fills the Black Hole on Saturday Night Live

The Dishmaster loves nothing more than when power players poke fun at themselves, and Saturday Night Live accomplished just that with Kerry Washington as its host. Washington’s skit addressed the often maligned SNL black-woman-casting-drought in a skit that forced her to play numerous black characters back-to-back. Watch below to see her spot-on Michelle Obama and Oprah, followed by some hilarious subtitles from SNL during her time off screen.