The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion: Part 2 – Hypocrisy Galore

It’s hard to believe the ladies of RHOBH think the show can survive sans Lisa Vanderpump, especially given that 80% of the season was about Lisa Vanderpump — even AFTER she quit the reality series. Fans of LVP have been quick to point out the leading ladies are hypocrities for attacking the WEHO Queen, a tactic used to deflect attention from their own personal lives — specifically the multi-million dollar lawsuits they’re facing. Those lawsuits are against the husbands of Erika Jayne, Kyle Richards, and Dorit Kemsley.

On last night’s reunion, Andy Cohen served the tea, and rightfully brought those lawsuits to light. The ladies conveniently all agred they should be kept private, with Kyle Richards leading the charge. Kyle insisted that the husbands are not fair game for the show, which is an interesting assertion given that Kyle uses the show to promote her husband’s business. In fact, she threw a party for his company ON THE SHOW. Furthermore, Kyle has consistenly brought up the actions of LVP’s husband, Ken Todd.

The lawsuits are fair game. If you sign up for a reality show, then that show should reflect the reality of your life. At the very least, you could use it to deny the accusations against you, instead of completely ignoring a monstrous life event. And besides, even if LVP leaked that story — who actually cares?

Real Housewives Clip — Gretchen’s Fashion Faux Pas

This can’t-miss clip represents all the Real Housewives, whose fashion choices are consistently questionable. From Lisa Vanderpump’s pink-on-pink color-clashing, to Kyle Richards’ everything-must-match moments, these ladies have an anti-luxe overload. Watch Vicky Gunvalson’s hilarious description of Gretchen Rossi’s “trench coat/dress.”

Kyle Richards on The View — “Don’t Cheat and Tell”

I’ve never cheated on a significant other in my entire life. That’s more about my anxiety than it is about being moral, but either way — it’s wrong. So when I hear of friends who have engaged in such indiscretions and don’t tell their partner, I often wonder if they are sociopaths. Kyle Richards might be one such sociopath, after an appearance on The View where she discussed advising a close friend (who may or may not be Kyle Richards in disguise) not to “cheat and tell.” How does the guilt not eat you alive? Remember when love involved picking flower petals and saying, “he loves me, he loves me not.”