Larry Rudolph is Still Managing Britney Spears

The greatest piece of news that came out of Britney Spears singing Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone,’ is that Larry Rudolph is still managing Spears’ career.  In an interview with music producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, Darkchild insisted that he didn’t leak the track, as he would “never leak something without Britney Spears approval, without Larry Rudolph, without Jive Records.”  Larry Rudolph managed Britney Spears when she originally shot to fame with ‘Baby One More Time,’ and she fired him shortly after marrying Kevin Federline.  She brought him back to resurrect her career after her breakdown.  I haven’t heard much about him since, and I was concerned that she sacked him and the press never got wind.  I am happy to report that my speculation was amiss.  Listen to the Britney version of ‘Telephone’ below.   

Giorgio Armani Will Design for Alicia Keys Upcoming Tour

Giorgio Armani is 75 years old and still as relevant as ever. First he designed for Lady Gaga’s tour, and now he will be designing the outfits for the European leg of Alicia Keys’ tour. Of her relationship with Armani, Keys said “my friendship with [him] happened early on. He started sending me clothes and then we began working more closely for big events. The first major dress we designed together was for the Grammys in 2006. It was a fully beaded black Privee dress that weighed about a ton, but once it was on, it felt just gorgeous.”  Who says you lose your mojo later in life? (The dress she is referring to is in the picture on the right).

Lady Gaga Performs on ‘American Idol’ – Watch in Full

Someone forgot to tell Lady Gaga that ‘American Idol’ sucks now.  Her performance on Wednesday’s results show was pre-taped, which annoys me.  Remember the old Idol days when the judges would actually sit and watch these performances and you could see their faces?  Anyways, I love Gaga but I’m going on the record to say that she has to stop covering her face.  I actually want to see what she looks like.  Imagine that.  Watch below.

Christina Aguilera Gets Compared to Lady Gaga Again – I’m Sure She’s Pissed

Christina Aguilera’s new music video is being likened to Gaga’s style once again.  The comparisons began years ago before Lady Gaga made it.  When originally asked about copying her, Aguilera got pretty nasty saying, ‘this person [Lady Gaga] was just brought to my attention not too long ago. I’m not quite sure who this person is, to be honest. I don’t know if it is a man or a woman. I just wasn’t sure.”  Lady Gaga took the high road in response saying, “well, it was very flattering when [the comparisons] happened. She’s such a huge star and if anything I should send her flowers, because a lot of people in America didn’t know who I was until that whole thing happened. It really put me on the map in a way.”  Isn’t it ironic that this association is now helping Aguilera’s career?

Lady Gaga Will Appear on American Idol

Lady Gaga announced via twitter, that she will be appearing on ‘American Idol’ on May 5th, just in time for May sweeps.  I’m not sure if anyone told her that the show has gone to shit this season, but perhaps she’ll rescue it.  Either way, I’m hoping for an excellent performance with little to no “mentoring.”  After all, who could top the fantastic advice of Miley Cyrus?

Did Lady Gaga Rip-off Ace of Base?

I was driving in my car the other day when Lady Gaga’s new song, ‘Alejandro’ came on the radio.  As my  hair blew in the sunroof created breeze, I thought to myself, “gosh, this song sounds awfully familiar.”  By the third chorus it hit me!  It’s an Ace of Base rip-off of the song ‘Don’t Turn Around.’  Apparently, I’m not the only person to notice either.  The irony is that Lady Gaga and Ace of Base are the only two out of three artists (Avril Lavigne makes three) in the last sixteen years to score three #1 hits off a debut album.  So is this a copy or just a strange coincidence?  Listen below and judge for yourself.

Lady Gaga’s Former Mentor Sues her for $35 Million – Gaga’s People Respond

Lady Gaga and music producer Rob Fusari signed a deal back in 2006 before anyone really knew who Gaga was. Fusari claims that he was instrumental in getting her signed to a record deal after discovering her at an open mike night in New York. He also co-produced her debut album, ‘The Fame.’ Things went bad between them when Gaga dumped Fusari, after he disapproved of where she was taking her image.  Gaga’s camp has responded to the suit by claiming that her contract with Fusari was illegal, as Fusari was acting as an unlicensed talent agent, and he “took advantage of an inexperienced recording artist.”  My take?  I think Gaga’s in hot water.  Her response to the lawsuit sounds desperate, and something tells me this contract was perfectly fine.  She signed a contract giving Fusari a part of her earnings when she was a nothing, he got her famous, and she dropped him and doesn’t want to pay up.  Furthermore, it’s ridiculous to say he was acting as an unlicensed talent agent.  He can just claim he was acting as a manager (managers in Hollywood don’t need a license).  This will definitely settle out of court.  

Lady Gaga’s Sister is in her ‘Telephone’ Video

If you thought one of the girls in the ‘Telephone’ video was Gaga in disguise, you might have been looking at her sister, Natali Germanotta.  ‘Telephone’ was originally written for Britney Spears, but the plans fell through and Gaga recorded it herself.  The video has over 13 million hits on YouTube so far.  Fast forward to the 2:17 mark to see Gaga’s sister standing behind her.

Lady Gaga will Collaborate with Giorgio Armani for Monster Ball Tour

Lady Gaga has chosen Giorgio Armani to design looks for her Monster Ball tour. Armani has referred to Gaga as a “modern fashion phenomenon.” They have collaborated in the past. He designed her extraordinary looks for the Grammys. See below.