Seth Meyers and Neal Brennan Visit Moviefone — WATCH NOW

Late night host Seth Meyers and The Approval Matrix host Neal Brennan visited Moviefone for an unscripted, behind-the-scenes take on their individual hosting style, along with some secret SNL tidbits. As for how Seth will approach his upcoming Emmy-hosting gig, you’ll have to watch below to find out. ENJOY!

Michael Keaton In a BeetleJuice Sequel? — Yes, Please!

The only Tim Burton films I’ve ever enjoyed are the ones with Michael Keaton. That probably has more to do with Michael Keaton than Tim Burton, but that duo should have stayed together. So when I read that the writers for the upcoming sequel to Beetlejuice refuse to do the film without Keaton as their star, I felt like writing them a personal thank you for alerting the movie studio that not everyone is expendable — and Keaton is a Hollywood treasure. Here’s hoping the script is good enough — and the money makes it worth his while.

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are Unscripted — And Unfunny?

I hate to pick on these two, especially since I actually like both of them, and I plan on seeing Just Go With It. But judging from the interview below, they might want to stick to the script. Moviefone does an “unscripted” interview format, where the actors ask each other questions, and it inevitably goes awry. Actually, it never goes awry, which is why it turns out so darn boring. Perhaps there needs to be a trained interviewer to guide the conversation? I’m not sure. All I know is that a whole lot of nothing gets said, and there’s a lot of senseless giggling.  Watch below at your own risk.