Kenan Thompson: Kanye West “Held the SNL Cast Hostage”

Kanye West performs on Saturday Night Live
Photo by Will Heath/NBC

In a finite period of time on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Kenan Thompson made some very astute points about Kanye West’s political rant on SNL, and they’re worth noting. For starters, absent the insanity of West’s actual argument, Thompson points out that he made the cast uncomfortable and essentially “held them hostage.” He gathered them around for his rant without revealing his intentions, which awkwardly puts them beside him without their prior consent. Furthermore, though “we are all entitled to our opinion,” according to Thompson, that is “not the time” to voice it. And if you’re going to voice it, at least let people know before you comission their presence. Watch below.

Jerry Seinfeld Dodges the Seth Meyers Pre-Interview

Inside sources tell me that Jerry Seinfeld is a notorious curmudgeon with many demands and endless complaints. That revelation is not surprising given his interview with Seth Meyers below, where Seinfeld breaks the fourth wall on late-night television’s canned, cheesy style. To be fair, the spotlight seems exhausting, and the talk-show circuit is a five minute pressure cooker demanding a lot of jokes in a very short exchange. But when an A-lister like Seinfeld grants the courtesy of his appearance, it makes sense to assume he’d bypass the annoying pre-interview that just adds to his time. To quote Seinfeld, “you want me here, I don’t want to be here. So YOU engage ME.” Watch below.

Seth Meyers and Neal Brennan Visit Moviefone — WATCH NOW

Late night host Seth Meyers and The Approval Matrix host Neal Brennan visited Moviefone for an unscripted, behind-the-scenes take on their individual hosting style, along with some secret SNL tidbits. As for how Seth will approach his upcoming Emmy-hosting gig, you’ll have to watch below to find out. ENJOY!

Seth Meyers Criticizes Arnold Schwarzenegger

Amidst Seth Meyers very funny criticism of Arnold’s affair, is a good point. Arnold is lazy. Only a lazy man would have sex with the homely woman that lives in his house. For a guy with such fame, don’t you think he could go to a local bar and find a good-looking slutty girl to have sex with? Watch below to see the very yummy Seth Meyers make fun of Arnold.
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Seth Meyers Kills it at White House Dinner — Trump Didn’t Laugh

Now might be a good time to confess my gigantic crush on Seth Meyers, the head writer for Saturday Night Live. And after watching his performance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, my crush has officially become an obsession. My favorite part of the evening was when Meyers took aim at Donald Trump, who deserved it. Instead of taking it in stride, Trump looked noticeably pissed, and didn’t smile once. He later called Seth Meyers a “stutterer” and said he was “inappropriate.” First, how dare Donald Trump say anything negative about my future husband. And second, can’t the guy take a joke? Trump reminds me of a schoolyard bully who picks on everyone until some tiny kid stomps on his toe, and then he marches off crying to his mommy. If you can’t take it Mr. Trump, then don’t dish it out. Watch the very yummy Seth Meyers in action below.