Dear Chris Brown — Return to GMA and Discuss the Rihanna Incident

I often fancy myself a Hollywood publicist. Image cleanup seems so simple, yet celebrities have the hardest time with it. That’s either because their publicists aren’t doing their job, or because the celebrities won’t listen to them. Chris Brown recently appeared on Good Morning America to promote his new album, and the interview apparently ended with Chris Brown ripping his shirt off and breaking a window.  Needless to say, he wasn’t pleased with Robin Roberts’ questions about Rihanna. If I were advising Chris Brown, I’d tell him to immediately return to Good Morning America and openly discuss the incident. He needs to say why he got so upset and explain precisely what happened. I’ve read that those questions were approved prior to the interview, so it’s unclear why he was so surprised and angry when they were asked. Unless he owns his flaws and continues to discuss the Rihanna incident with a calm head, the public will never forgive him. I understand he’s difficult to root for because he physically abused his girlfriend, but I’m not a fan of shunning people for life because of their mistakes. If he’s legitimately changed then I’m willing to move on. It’s difficult to believe he’s changed though, especially since he can’t even get through an interview with losing his temper.

Eminem — The Best Part of the VMAs

It does not get better than Eminem.  He’s the king of the music world, and his performance at Mtv’s Video Music Awards furthered confirmed my love for him. Similar to my Britney Spears snake dance, when I listen to Eminem I pretend I’m him, and I do a full performance with a hoodie and all.  I stand on top of my coffee table rapping, and then I get back down to ensure that my curtains are closed. Unsurprisingly, Rihanna joined him on stage for their song, Love the Way You Lie, after planting stories in the media about how she wouldn’t be there. Watch the performance below.

2010 MTV Video Music Awards – More VMA Video

Rihanna Debuts New Single on ‘American Idol’ . . . in a Catsuit

Rihanna debuted her new single, ‘Rock Star 101,’ on ‘American Idol’ tonight.  The performance consisted of her saying the line “I’m a rock star” over and over again while throwing her head around and walking around the stage.  The judges were conspicuously absent from the performance, which means that it was pre-taped, and not live like the show hopes you’ll believe.  The best part of it was her outfit, which I will describe in case you’re not in the mood to play the video below.  Here goes: it’s very tight and very leather . . . or pleather – I can’t tell. 

rhi s9 @ Yahoo! Video