It’s Time for Richard Simmons to Get a New Outfit

Remember my previous post about branding your image in Hollywood? I officially take that back. Richard Simmons has been wearing the same workout outfit for a gazillion years, and his appearance on Wendy Williams was no exception. He’s a bit of a cartoon character, and since I’ve seen him actually make some good points in interviews, I find it off-putting that he is perpetuating this goof-ball shtick. I’m not advising him to act like Dan Rather, but it’s just getting old. Plus, whenever I see any man (no matter how good looking) in running shorts, I seriously want to vomit. Is there any outfit less flattering?

One thought on “It’s Time for Richard Simmons to Get a New Outfit”

  1. I’ve heard he has his own line of work out gears… Is that true? I guess he would have to to be able to keep outfitting himself in that absurd gear. Who else would make it? On second thought I have to presume it is surgically attached. Can you imagine him with a suit and a crew cut?!

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